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Liverpool Karate-Jutsu is a freestyle karate club based in the heart of Liverpool - our aim is to promote the partnership between students and instructors - as to provide the opportunity to achieve their full potential in the study of Karate-Jutsu.




Benefits of Karate Jutsu

Liverpool Karate-jutsu is a Martial Arts School offering Freestyle Karate-Jutsu classes for all ages - maintaining the etiquette and tradition of Karate while instructing self-defence applicable to modern day situations. Our instructors trust that in the teaching of karate-jutsu there is something for everybody, regardless of fitness level, experience, or background - we also offer exclusive classes catered for the Blind and Visual Impaired.



Traditional Karate Kihon is always taught in all Gradings from 9th Kyu to 1st Kyu & beyond.



Training through real techniques, with a partner - integrating various martial arts styles.


Kyu level

Age and/or Kyu level of a student determines what is taught and the complexity.



Develop self-defence, endurance, coordination, fitness, physical and mental strength.



Perfectly placed for martial arts enthusiasts from any part of the city.


Blind & Visual Impaired

We offer exclusive classes catered for the Blind and Visual Impaired

Are you interested in Karate-Jutsu?

Meet your Instructors

Sensei Mike Dunn
3rd Dan Karate-Jutsu

Mike Dunn originally trained at Hartford Karate Club. He also was awarded his Black Belt (1st Dan Freestyle Karate-Jutsu), whilst training at the Hartford Karate Club, since then has gained 2nd and 3rd Dan Freestyle Karate-Jutsu through his endeavours.

"Training with Hartford Karate Club and at the Winsford dojo was always fun, but serious as well... "I picked up a Free Ticket from a shop counter in Hartford, I didn't expect that four years later, I would be a black belt (1st Dan) Freestyle Karate-Jutsu"  ~ Sensei Mike Dunn

Thanks goto Sensei Nigel 'Neco' Bulut for his support whilst training at the Hartford Karate Club and establishing Liverpool Karate-Jutsu...


Your most important step in your karate career will be to choose the right club. Not all black belts are properly trained coaches, and karate instructors are not obliged to belong to a competent association.

Liverpool Karate-Jutsu is a member of the Cobra Martial Arts Association and meets all the required standards of the Martial Arts Standards Agency.

In accordance with the Cobra Martial Arts Association (C.M.A.A.) regulations, Mike Dunn undergoes a Criminal Records Bureau Enhanced Disclosure every two years.

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when my son was eight years old i wanted him to learn a martial art to help develop his confidence the deal was i had to go too five years down the line and we are both still enjoying this friendly relaxed freestyle karate club

Glyn, Parent

liverpool karate jutsu is the best place for me i would recommend it to anyone interested in karate we also learn self defence which has made me more confident the instructors are friendly and learning with them is both exciting and fun

Magdalena, Student

liverpool karate jutsu is excellent fun and good for fitness the people are friendly and the classes are suitable for the whole family the teaching is outstanding with modern techniques overall great fun and good value for money

Chris Rice, Student

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We train at St Michaels Church Hall, Belgrave Road, Aigburth L17 7AG on a Thursday evening from 6.30pm